Thanksgiving, a time for friends, family, and even Fido!

Thanksgiving. A day to be with our loved ones, give thanks, and eat way too much. Although it is a time to gather together and celebrate, it can be tricky to involve our pets in the festivities while being mindful of the dangers that lurk around. Here’s how you can include your best pal while keeping him or her safe on Turkey Day.

Food Dangers

We know, it can be hard to say no to those big sad puppy dog eyes, but unfortunately traditional Thanksgiving meals are often chock full of dangerous foods for your dog. You can always give them their regular food and treats, but if you are feeling inclined to indulge with your buddy, we can’t say we’d hold it against you. Certain healthier options for scrap sharing include: sweet potato, green beans, turkey meat (without bones or fat), apples, or pumpkin. Below is a list of foods which may cause problems like choking and gastrointestinal upset, and should be avoided:

  • Turkey bones, skin, and gravy

  • Stuffing

  • Anything creamed

  • Onions, scallions, garlic

  • Yeast dough

  • Chocolate or things sweetened with Xylitol

  • Alcohol

Additional safety tips are to keep pets and small children out of the kitchen while cooking. Open oven doors and boiling over water may lead to unintentional injuries. P.S. Keep a lid on that trash can!

House Guests

If you’ll be hosting this season, your home will probably be much busier and noisier than usual. The increase in activity in your home can either be very exciting for your dog, or very stressful. Be considerate of your dog’s personality so that you can have a plan in place to keep both your pet and your guests comfortable. If your dog is a social wallflower, find a quiet space away from the commotion to keep your dog for the time being. It can be helpful to leave them their favorite toy or bone and bedding to keep busy with and for their comfort. However, if your dog is a social butterfly it can be great to try to let them be a part of the family fun. But keep in mind that your dog may still need a quiet space to reset if they become overzealous with your guests. It can also be a good idea to be sure that your guests have a safe place to put their things that are up and away from pets. That way nothing will be damaged and pets won’t get into items which are not safe when no one is looking.


Taking your pal with you on your trip? Remember to make a packing list for them so that you don’t forget any of their essentials. It’s usually a good idea to bring a little more than you will expect to need, just in case. Nobody wants to run out of dog food and have an upset tummy on the road due to a sudden food change! Also, be sure both you and your pets are safe during travel.

Not able to bring your pooch with you? That’s ok, call us, the Groom Zone, at 320-905-5436 to book your dog for a safe and fun boarding stay. Your dog will enjoy a clean, safe space and be let loose to frolic throughout the day under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff members.

When you come back to pick them up you’ll have a happy pup!