Hey, Spooky Friends!

Happy Halloween to all of our friends, both furry and not! We hope that this brand new blog finds you well and excitedly prepping for the fun that is to come on Halloween night. But, what kind of friends would we be to your furry companions if we didn’t make sure to address them during this spooky holiday? Indeed, Halloween may be a super fun and exciting time for kids and adults, but often our canine companions just don’t get the hype. Here, we’re going to lay out the how’s and why’s of keeping your pets safe and happy this Halloween!

So. Much. Candy!

While the kids (and let’s face it, the adults too) love the free candy that is everywhere during Halloween, our pets unfortunately cannot partake in this particular fun. As many already know, chocolate is toxic for both dogs and cats. It’s important to make sure the candy stash is well out of reach for your pets. Because, although your dog may also enjoy a sweet treat, nobody wants to rush to the E.R. Vet or risk their companion’s safety. However, if you want to treat your pal too, breed and size appropriate treats can be a great way to include them in the snacking fun!


While meeting strangely dressed

, unknown children at your front door whilst they yell TRICK OR TREAT at you may be a fun time for you, for many pets it can be downright terrifying. Try to put yourself in your dog or cat’s shoes for a moment. Strange little people wearing scary masks and outfits and yelling at the door, which just keeps buzzing every few minutes non-stop… It can easily be seen how our pets' reactions can be confused and extreme. So if your dog is afraid of all the hub-bub, perhaps the kindest thing to do for him or her is to find a quiet corner or room in the house and contain them there while the trick or treating is in full swing. Leaving a tv or music playing can help muffle the noise for them and give them a part of their usual routine back. Likewise, if your dog becomes confused and thinks the guests at the door are a threat, (I mean, it kinda seems plausible doesn’t it!?) containing them to a separate, mostly quiet part of the house can also help by taking away the visual stimulus which creates the idea of a threat. Safely securing them in a crate can help take the stress off of both them and you so everyone can have a

more enjoyable evening.

It’s Just a Costume!

Furthermore, your dog may become confused by you or your kids in costume. You can help mitigate this confusion by getting ready in front of your pal, giving them attention and loves throughout the process, and reassuring them that it’s still just you! Giving some treats to build assurance and a positive association never hurt either. But, you may want to save putting on the mask for when you leave the house. Many dogs dislike costumes, hats, and even uniforms (eh-hem…. The UPS guy). So it may just

be best to save that part for your human friends!

Wrapping up…

Halloween can be a fun time for all. Just remember to keep in mind your pets unique personality when deciding whether to include them in the fun or not. Not unlike people, some dogs love to roll with the punches and be a part of the activity no matter what it is, adjusting easily and quickly to humans and their quirky ways. While som

e dogs just don’t like or appreciate changes to their routine or safe space (come on we all know some people like that, right?). You wouldn’t torment your best friend by using one of their emotional triggers, so give your dog that same treatment. Show ‘em some love, do what you can to make the holiday fun for everyone, and get out there and have a great evening!

-See ya next time!

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